Corporate Secretary

We’ll help you track compliance deadlines, ensure your Annual Returns are submitted in order to ACRA, and provide a Named Secretary for your company. 


Basic Secretariat Services

$ 0
per year

Ideal for Basic Compliance

Premium Secretariat Services

$ 0
per year

Ideal for Corporate Changes

Platinum Secretariat Services

$ 0
per year

Ideal for Startups with Investors Changes

Add-On Services

Share-Related Changes

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Additional Board Resolution


Conversion to Pte. Ltd.

(excl. $315 ACRA fee)

De-Registration of GST


Dormant Company – With No income or expenses (except permitted expenses)

Package 1:

  • 12 months of Basic Secretary
  • Dormant ACRA Filing
  • Dormant IRAS Filing


Dormant Company – With minimal level of business activities

Package 2:

  • 12 months of Basic Secretary
  • Annual Accounting & Tax Filing (ECI and Form C-S)
  • Unaudited Financial Statements (Company Level)


Striking Off Company
(Dormant Company)


Striking Off Company
(Active Company – Up to
100 transactions/month)


Secretarial FAQ

The company secretary is the primary officer in charge of all administration of a company. Some of their responsibilities include ensuring that directors and shareholders are kept well informed of statutory obligations, handling of annual filing of audited accounts and the holding of annual general meetings. As required by ACRA, all Singapore business are to employ a Corporate Secretary no more than 6 months after incorporation. You can outsource this service to us and we will handle all your requirements.
Often, large companies need an in-house Corporate while small and medium enterprises outsource this service - unless there are constant changes, the Corporate Secretary will mainly focus on preparing the Annual General Meeting and filing the Annual Return.
A company secretary must be: 1. A natural person 2. Local resident in Singapore 3. The sole director and the company secretary are separate individuals 4. Someone who is highly experienced with compliance obligations and local regulations
The Annual Returns provides critical information for the Company's stakeholders. The Annual Returns is an electronic form to be lodged. It contains important particulars of the Company such as the name of its Directors, Secretary, its Members and shareholders, and the date to which the financial statements of the Company are made up to.
Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We help you to make sure everything is in order. In FidCorp, we guarantee that all documents will be stored in a relevant folder for retrieving and sharing with ease. No more digging papers out of messy email threads or clogged databases.
We serve all kinds of businesses registered in Singapore from private limited companies to limited liability partnerships. If you want to switch from a Sole Proprietorship, we can also assist you with the process. We work with all industries, including businesses that need licensing.
We understand the hassle of changing Corporate Secretaries. To save you from the trouble, we always have a professional secretary to take over instantly and smoothly when your assigned Secretary is on leave or resigns.
Start-ups often faced a lot of changes in company structuring and paying for each resolution would be costly. You might want to consider our Premium Secretary plan which includes a breath of resolutions you might need, with no more extra charges.
ACRA fines companies that miss filing deadlines or make mistakes in the documents. Our professional Secretaries will take note of the details and remind you when filing is due.
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