Our cloud-based accounting services provide you peace of mind at highly affordable rates. Outsource your Accounting, Book-keeping and Tax Filing to FidCorp today.


We offer the following services:

  • Full set of Accounts: Income Statement, balance Sheet & General ledger
  • Book-keeping
  • Quarterly review by Accountant
  • Cloud accounting software’s subscription
  • Unaudited Financial Statements
  • Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) & Corporate Tax Returns (Form C/C-S)
  • Consultancy Services

Choose the package that meets your business needs with the flexibility to scale up when your business grows!

Quarterly Accounting & Tax Packages

From $135 per month

(Annual Billing) 

Ideal for financially savvy business owners

5 packages for selection:

  • Startup Lite (up to 15 transactions a
  • Start-up (up to 30 transactions a month);
  • Basic (up to 60 transactions a month);
  • Standard (up to 130 transactions a month);
  • Premium (up to 200 transactions a month

Quarterly Bookkeeping and Management Reports

6-monthly Review by Accountant

Unaudited Financial Statements (Company Level)

Estimated Chargeable Income

Forms C/CS

Exclude multi-currency

You may match your preferred package with one of our PSG FidCorp Xero Accounting Software Packages

Monthly Accounting & Tax Packages

From $252 per month

(Annual Billing) 

Perfect for business owners who need financial visibility

5 packages for selection:

  • Startup (up to 30 transactions a month);
  • Basic (up to 60 transactions a month);
  • Standard (up to 130 transactions a month);
  • Premium (up to 200 transactions a month);
  • Platinum (more than 200 transactions a month).

Monthly Bookkeeping and Management Reports

Quarterly Review by Accountant

Access to a Professional Accountant

Unaudited Financial Statements (Company Level)

Estimated Chargeable Income

Forms C/CS

Exclude multi-currency

You may match your preferred package with one of our PSG FidCorp Xero Accounting Software Packages

Annual Accounting & Tax Packages

From $800

(One-time Upfront Fee)

Great for business owners who just need a one-time service to meet the annual corporate compliance obligations

3 packages for selection:

  • Start-up Lite (up to 60 transactions
    a year); and
  • Premium Package (up to 200
    transactions a year)
  • Platinum Package (up to 400 transactions a year)

Single review by Accountant

Unaudited Financial Statements
(Company Level)

Estimated Chargeable Income

Forms C/CS

Include multi-currency

Ad-Hoc & Add-On Services

  • Multi-Currency Accounting at $35 per month
  • Compilation of Financial Statements from $450 a year
  • ECI & Corporate Tax Returns from $650 a year
  • XBRL (Half/Full) from $450
  • Withholding Tax Filing from $300 per filing

Need more?

​We can design a solution that fits your needs based on number of transactions and receipts if you require something customised for your business. 

Talk to us today for an obligation-free discussion.

Taxation & Administration

Want to benefit from Singapore’s business friendly taxation policies but unfamiliar with the complex regulatory requirements?

We got you covered. Our integrated range of tax services will handle and minimise your tax obligations in accordance with the statutory regulations laid down by IRAS.

GST Application


GST Preparation + Submission (Quarterly)


Tax Filing

  • Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Computation & Filing
  • Preparation of main tax computation
  • Filing of Form C/C-

Fr $500

All Singapore business entities are required to register for Singapore Corporate Access (CorpPass) – a digital identity for businesses, in order to transact within the Government portals and to manage the corporate data securely and conveniently. Our team of dedicated professionals are driven to provide value creation to our clients in their first step of setting up their businesses.

Our range of administrative services:

  • Corp pass registration
  • Bank account opening
  • MOM registration

Accounting & Tax FAQ

It depends on the nature of your business. We provide a full range of accounting services for small-business owners which will surely cover all your accounting needs. Our services include: Business Bank Reconciliations Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Payroll Book-keeping Taxation
The most important reason is to SAVE YOUR COST. Hiring, training, and catering for all the needs of an in-house bookkeeper such as employee benefits can be quite expensive.
Bookkeeping is essential for a business as it keeps detail records of a business' in and out money flow. The most significant benefits of bookkeeping are that your account will be more ogranized, easier for financial statement and easier to audit, most importantly it gives you better financial visibility to make right decisions.
Our packages are priced based on your company size; you pay according to the number of transactions you have each month. You have the flexibility to switch the package should you wish to scale your business.
You need to send us your receipts and invoices in any format you have them, through scans or pictures on your phone. Subsequently, we will furnish your accounting reports through a timely and cost-effective accounts system management.
We would love to work with your accountants. On our part, it is our job to record transactions, collect all the corresponding documents and reconcile the balances. Your accountant takes it from there. To compute tax forecasts, or devise tax optimization ideas; in which, you may also engage us for these taxation services. We will help to monitor your financial liabilities and administrative tasks, while you focus on your business operations.
A transaction is a deposit or a withdrawal from your bank account. Examples include payroll, rent expenses and selling goods to a customer. FidCorp's accounting servies are based on the number of transactions carried out by your business.
XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. It is a form of reporting language adopted by ACRA. Companies that are required to report their financial statement to ACRA are required to submit in XBRL format.
You must register for GST when you can reasonably expect your taxable turnover to be more than S$1million in the next 12 months, or your taxable turnover at the end of any calendar year is more than S$1million.
According to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), you could face a fine of up to $10,000 and a penalty equal to 10% of the GST due. Your date of registration will be backdated to the date you are liable for registration, and you will have to account for and pay GST on your past sales, even if you did not collect any GST from your customers.
1. All earnings and invoices issued for goods sold or services performed should be properly accounted. Understatement of income is an offence, e.g. omission of invoices issued or receipts. 2. Inadequate or dishonest record-keeping and accounting practices that result in understated sales or overstated expenses in their tax returns. 3. Claiming deductions for non-deductible expenses such as private expenses on entertainment and private motor vehicles expenses.
All companies must file Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) within three months from end of their financial year except for companies that qualify for the administrative concession and those that are specifically not required to file. Corporate Income Tax Return (Form C/C-S) is to be filed by 30th November, or by 15th December via e-filing. Exceptions apply only if qualifying conditions are met and the company has been granted Waiver of Income Tax Return Submission by IRAS.
A zero-rating supply refers to goods or services being taxed at 0% GST for the transaction. A GST registered trader is able to claim Input Tax Credits on zero-rated supplies. Such transactions are applicable to “exports” of goods and “international” services. Tax exempt supplies are not subjected to GST, and the registered trader cannot claim tax credits on this.
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